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Who We Are

The Tai Studies Center (TSC) was founded in January of 1984 by a group of Tai Dam refugees and some of our American friends.  Our elders recognized that because our numbers are small, we must work hard to preserve our culture.  No one would do this for us.

The purpose of the TSC is to research and publish Tai history and literature, to preserve and promote Tai culture, to support students in higher education, to promote the common welfare and well being of Tai people, and to promote intercultural understanding and cooperation in the community at large.

Our Mission

Research and publish Tai history and literature.

Preserve and promote Tai culture.

Support students in higher education.

Promote the common welfare and well-being of Tai people.

Promote intercultural understanding in the community at large.


United Nations Non-Governmental Organization

In 2014, the TSC was granted status as a “United Nations – Non Governmental Organization (NGO)” under the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. 

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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Our History

Our history is recorded in the memories of our senior citizens living in various parts of the world, but our young people growing up in America need a written record if they are to study their roots.  The TSC gathers written and oral versions of Tai Dam history for publication in the Tai Dam language and later translation into English.

By this means, we are able to transmit our culture and history to future generations of Tai Dam, to create worldwide awareness of our people, and to provide resources for further research.

In addition to cultural and historical projects, the TSC is supporting Tai Dam students for higher education, and engaged in economic and humanitarian projects directed towards the Tai people living in Northwest Vietnam.

Board of Directors


Innguen Soulinthavong, President

Thomas Baccam, Vice President

Phimm Baccam, Treasurer

Samone Khouangsathiene

Matsalyn Brown

Sackda Khouangsathiene

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